California Consumer Privacy Act

We Care About Your Privacy
Last updated on: December 31, 2019

At See’s, we strive every day to delight our customers and exceed their expectations. Your expectation is that your data is private, and so we want to ensure that expectation is met. We wanted to share information about new legislation intended to protect you, called The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). As a California citizen, you have the right to request the information we hold on file to support your customer experience. You also have the right to request that we delete your information from our database at any time.

See’s takes caution with your personal information and always has. Our purpose in maintaining data is to assist with future orders and to make sure we know which delicious See’s products you prefer and what kind of ordering you have done in the past so we can readily support you in the future. We appreciate having you in our system to be sure you are up to date on key information such as limited time sweets, new products, special offers, and more!

See’s does not sell customer data. We share relevant pieces of data with our trusted partners for business purposes only. These partners include:
  • Mail & Email Delivery Services
  • Website Performance Partners
  • Feedback, Surveys and Ratings & Reviews Tools
  • Social Media Marketing Sites

Storing and sharing your data allows See’s and our partners to:
  • Ship your orders and send you shipping notifications
  • Send you our mouth-watering catalogs and email marketing
  • Make your shopping experience easier through My Account features
  • Provide you with relevant content

The personal information we collect is detailed below:
  • Your name
  • Your contact information including email, phone number, IP address and mailing address
  • Your age and other profile details that you have provided us
  • Your order history
  • Your browsing history and geolocation

To request a copy of your personal information, or to request that we delete your information from our databases, there are two easy ways you can contact us.

Call a Customer Support Specialist:

Send us a letter:
Attn: Customer Service — Privacy Request
See’s Candy Shops, Inc.
20600 South Alameda Street
Carson, CA 90810

Rest assured that See’s does not discriminate against consumers who choose to exercise their rights under CCPA. Please note that without your data, See’s will not be able to contact you about product recalls and other quality information.

Thank you for being a great See’s customer. We take pride in making the best candy possible in the best way possible and providing the best service possible for our customers. Making you happy and providing you joy is what we do. We operate with high integrity, which means we will comply with all laws, but we also want to make sure that your expectations of privacy are met and that you understand that we protect it and only use to support our service to you.

For more details, read the complete California Consumer Privacy Act.