Fundraising Programs

Which See's fundraising program suits you? There are three ways to fundraise with See's. We can help you choose the one that's perfect for your group.

See's Fundraising

Our most popular fundraising method! See's Fundraising gives you a delicious selection of See's favorites any time of the year. Collect orders and money from supporters before purchasing your candy; distribute candy once received.

Candy by the Carton

Looking to sell confections on the spot? Then Candy by the Carton is for you! Buy our bulk cartons of candy, and then sell the individual items for a sweet profit at your next event.


No paper. No hassle, Just profit. Run your next fundraiser entirely online, from recruiting Helpers and promoting your event to selling and tracking profits. Create your own shop at, select the candy you want to sell, promote your fundraiser on social media and receive a post-fundraiser recap analysis. It's that easy!