Additional Materials

Additional Materials

Download additional sales tools, school permission slips and other materials to help you run a profitable fundraiser.

See's Fundraising Checklist

Perfect for first-time fundraisers, our checklist takes you through the See's Fundraising process step-by-step.

Credit Applications

We offer a 30 day credit plan to schools and youth groups. You must include the names, home addresses, telephone numbers, signatures and titles of two adults who will assume responsibility for the payments. It must also include your federal tax identification number. The only exception is for schools. If the request is for a school, the form must be signed by the principal as verification that he or she is aware that the fundraiser will be taking place. The information must be verified by our office and the request must be approved by our controller.

School Cover Letters & More

We want to make fundraising easy for your school or group, so we've provided easy templates below for students and their parents to use. Download permission slips, cover letters and helpful reminders below.

Digital Ads

Use the easy templates below to feature your school or organization's fundraiser in an e-newsletter or post on your website or portal.

Print Ads

Use the simple templates below to feature your fundraiser in your local paper or other print media.