Reach Your Goals Faster!
Up to 50% Profit

How to Fundraise in
Three Easy Steps

Step 1
Get Forms & Get Started

Order your free forms online or pick them up at a Quantity Discount shop. Use the Pre-Sell Forms to collect orders.

Step 2
Collect & Consolidate

Gather all forms and payment from your group. Use the Master Order Form to consolidate.

Step 3
Give the Candy, Keep the Profit

Purchase the candy online or at a Quantity Discount shop. Give it out to fulfill orders, and enjoy the profits!

Success Stories

Our fundraiser was so successful we were able to get buses for field trips!

–San Mateo Park Elementary

Our organization has been fundraising with See's Candies for over 15 years...

–Benecia Main Street

We raised enough to take the entire team to Cooperstown next year!

–Belmont Blasters 11U