Dear See’s Family,

As we continue to manage through these unprecedented times, the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. As a See’s customer, you know we’re focused on making the best candy possible and caring for our customers. One of the best ways we can do that is to make all the necessary improvements to ensure we’re living up to your expectations in every aspect of how See’s operates.

“Quality Without Compromise” is our longstanding motto, and that stands true now more than ever. See’s has always believed in delivering the freshest, most delicious candy possible, in the best way we know how. Because we make pretty much everything we sell, we have two really important workplaces to get right—our manufacturing and packing facilities and our retail shops. Because we won’t cut corners, and because our employees are like family, we meticulously worked through every step in the process to make sure we’re safe before we’ll reinitiate production or open shops.

We are excited to share that we have recently reopened our San Francisco and Los Angeles candy kitchens. While this means we are now able to safely make our candies, you can almost say we are starting from scratch. Your tried and true favorites may not be available immediately, but the recipes and care we put in to making every piece is exactly the same. Please don’t despair... while these adjustments are necessary as we slowly reopen, we have not discontinued any items. We may not have everything in stock, but this is a great time to try a new flavor and explore our assortment. (Trust us, they’re all great!)

In addition to making candy again, we launched a convenient way to shop with contact free pick up we call Click... Pick... & Go! Currently, at select locations, you can order online and pick up at a participating shop. We have designated pick up areas located just outside the store that supports safe social distancing for you and your favorite See’s employees. We will continue to roll this out to more locations, and our goal is to open Click... Pick... & Go! in as many locations as possible. Please visit pickup.sees.com to see if there is a location near you.

If your local shop isn’t offering pick up service, we ask for your patience as we are working hard to make fresh candy and get our associates back into our reconfigured shops. In the meantime, our website will continue to offer shipping promotions throughout the summer. Delivering delicious chocolate in the warmer weather takes extra care and packaging, including ice packs and insulation, to ensure that your candy arrives at your doorstep exactly as you have come to expect from See’s. Those additional measures do add weight and cost to packages, but we are continuing to find ways to provide even more promotions this year, and to give you opportunities to try products that may be shipped without the additional packaging and cost.

When I started with See’s I set a goal to get to each and every store, which is nearly 250. Before this event changed our lives, I was able to visit just over 200 in a little over a year, and I enjoyed every one. I was able to support the best team in retail, talk with great customers and taste (devour) the most delicious candy you can find anywhere. I learned many things on that journey, but the most important lessons were: you want your See’s Candies, and you also want to see our smiling and fantastic team.

We appreciate your patience as we re-start this grand business so we can serve you even better in the years to come. We hope to either delight you by bringing joy to your doorstep or by seeing you pick up your treats at one of our stores.

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All the best,
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