Candy by the Carton

Instant Profits at Your Next Event

The ideal on-the-spot fundraising program— it's easy and is as fast as one day! Simply purchase your candy now and then set up your fundraising table or booth at your next event. Then, when you receive the money, it's yours to keep! This works great with See's candy bars, lollypops and seasonal boxes.

It Works
Candy by the Carton

To start a Candy by the Carton Fundraiser, simply order your candy below or visit a Quantity Discount shop.

See's Classic Candy Bars

Candy Bars

A fundraiser favorite! See's offers a variety of delicious bars: Classic Candy Bars (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Milk Chocolate with Toffee Nuggets), See's Awesome® Bars (Awesome Peanut Brittle, Awesome Walnut Square and Awesome Nut & Chew Bars) and Sugar Free Milk and Dark Bars.

assortment of See's lollypops


See's unique lollypops are great treats to sell at any event. Sold as an assortment, flavors include chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and café latté. Earn over 50% profit!

Other Seasonal

Some of our fundraising candies are only available seasonally. Check below for upcoming program dates.

Stacks of 4 ounce winter fundraising chocolate boxes


See's seasonal boxes make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts. Better yet, your group will make 50% profit selling these!

assortment of See's Valentine's Day Fundraising products

Valentine's Day

Share the love and make 50% profit for your group. Fundraise with these delicious Valentine's Day treats.

See's one pound boxes wrapped in Spring gift wrap


Spring treats perfect for any basket. Earn 50% profit selling See's for your Spring Candy by the Carton fundraiser.