See's Fundraising

A Sweet & Simple Way to Fundraise

First, decide which candies your group will sell and order the corresponding free sales materials. Once you've consolidated all orders, simply purchase the candy, distribute to supporters, and enjoy the profits!

It Works

These candies and gift certificates are available to sell right away. To get started, pick up the corresponding sales materials below.

Stack of Assorted Chocolates featuring one open box

All Year Candy

A selection of our best-selling candy, any time of the year. Fundraise with this program all year-round.

See's 1 pound Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

Each gift certificate is worth one pound of candy and is redeemable at a See's Candies shop.


To fundraise with these seasonal candies, you can start collecting orders once the order forms become available—check availability below.

Stacks of 4 ounce winter fundraising chocolate boxes


This unique offering includes See's favorites and cute seasonal items. Make up to 50% profit with this fundraiser.

assortment of See's Valentine's Day Fundraising products


Share the love and make profits up to 50% for your group. Fundraise with a collection of classic favorites and delicious Valentine's Day treats.

See's one pound boxes wrapped in Spring gift wrap


We've hatched up a selection of seasonal favorites for Spring Fundraising! You're sure to find sweet success with profits up to 50%.