New Fundraisers

Fundraising with See's is simple and fun! This page is your See's Fundraising guide, with all the information you'll need to run a successful fundraiser. Download your See's Fundraising Checklist to get started.

Questions? Call 800.733.7123 and we'll be happy to assist.

See's Fundraising Guide

No sign-up required! Simply get your forms and materials online or call 800.733.7123. We'll send all the forms, collection envelopes and everything else you'll need—with our compliments. You can also request a catalog. Additional promotional tools, including fundraising banners and ads for your local paper are available to promote your fundraiser.


Using these easy tools and materials, your group can start collecting candy orders from your supporters right away. People love our candy, which makes it easy to sell! Use our profit calculator to see how many boxes of candy you'll need to sell in order to reach your goal.


Consolidate all the orders from your supporters using the Master Order form. Remember, this order has to reach our $500 minimum to qualify. Orders of $700 or more get free shipping to a single address, plus other great benefits for even larger orders. Visit our Profits & Benefits page to learn more.

You can place the order online, call 800.733.7123, or stop into a Quantity Discount shop.

Keep these important dates in mind:
See's Fundraising Important Dates


Once you receive the candy, fulfill orders by distributing to supporters. Now just sit back and enjoy the profits!

Remember, if your order exceeds $700, your organization can enjoy continued savings with See's annual discount. This is a great way to boost profits with smaller fundraisers throughout the year. See our Profits & Benefits page or call for details.

Other Ways to Fundraise

Our Candy by the Carton is ideal for events, allowing you to purchase candy upfront, in bulk, and sell directly to supporters at a fundraising table or booth. Visit our Candy by the Carton page to learn more.


Our Yum-Raising is designed for fundraisers who want to create an online shop and communicate with supporters digitally. Visit our Yum-Raising page to get started.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ page for answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, call 800.733.7123 and we'll be happy to assist.