Milk Chocolates

Sku 500326
A rich collection of nuts, brittle, mocha, caramel, nougat and more! All enrobed in See’s creamy signature milk chocolate. Approximately 26 pieces*:

Milk Almond Caramel (3), Milk Almonds (2), Milk California Brittle®, Milk Butterscotch Square, Milk Mayfair®, Milk Bordeaux™ (2), Milk Rum Nougat (2), Milk Butterchew®, Milk Beverly®, Milk Divinity, Milk Chelsea, Milk Double Caramel, Milk Mocha, Milk Coconut Cream, Milk Chocolate Buttercream (2), Milk Almond Square, Milk Vanilla Nut Cream, Milk Molasses Chips (3).

*If we run into shortages, we may make replacements or adjust piece counts. Don’t fret. You’ll always get an assortment fully filled with deliciousness.
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