Dear See’s Customers,

See’s has been making delicious candy for nearly 100 years. 2020 and COVID-19 have brought challenges to us, just as it has to every business, family and organization. As we see our customers and employees as part of the See’s family, we sincerely hope you and your loved ones and friends are in good health. And for those who have suffered loss or worry, please know that we understand and share in that with you.

From the earliest days of the pandemic, we have taken every measure to protect our employees and our customers. We faithfully and diligently followed the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and the direction of state and local authorities. We took a cautious approach to ensure our employees went home safe every day, which has been effective. We implemented temperature checks, social distancing, masks and additional sanitizing measures to ensure the utmost of safety and precaution.

The pandemic means the way we make our product had to change. Back in March, we halted production and closed shops. We would not re-open until we reconfigured our candy-making process to ensure we could keep our people safe. Because much of our candy is made and decorated by hand, we have also had to change the WAY we make some of our products. Some decorations, specific recipes or final touches on a piece required employees to be close together which has led us to make some tough decisions.

Those decisions include making the same piece, but altering a final decorative touch in a way that allows our talented See’s employees to maintain safe distancing. And, in some cases, the only way we can keep our people safe is to pause and not make some specific pieces this holiday season.

This is disappointing for us and, we know, for many of our devoted customers like you.

Every piece See’s makes has a long history, and we know you look forward to that delicious treat each season. And so, we ask that you be patient with us in knowing that pieces that look different will have the same great taste. And those pieces we will not be making in 2020 are in a candy quarantine. While we weren’t expecting to take the extra precaution at the start of 2020, we must take it to keep our employees safe.

Throughout our assortment, there are eight candies that will look different this year, five candies that will have limited availability and three candies that we will not be producing for the balance of 2020. For a full list of candies that have been impacted please head to Candy News.

Finally, the good news I will share with you is: the state of See’s is strong. We have re-opened every shop that closed. Our store sales and our Sees.com sales are both doing very well. We have brought back our store associates from a furlough period, and all of our production facilities are back in full swing. Because of social distancing, we have fewer people involved in the making of our candy, so some productivity will be impacted. But, we will be able to meet your holiday needs.

We all need more joy these days, and because delivering joy is the core of See’s business, we are proud to say—See’s will be here for you. Thank you for your support and understanding, and we look forward to having you in a shop or logging on to Sees.com so you and your friends and family can celebrate the holidays with us.

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