Dear See’s Customers,

It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through our Centennial year! 2021 is flying by, and I know I speak for many of us when I say that I’m so happy things are starting to return to normal.

I am back to one of my favorite routines-visiting shops, and it feels great. I love to hear how See’s plays a role in your family traditions, how we have brought you joy when you needed it most, and of course, chatting about your favorite pieces. Our first See’s Principle is: Serve Customers With A Smile. What that means is that we are happy to take care of customers, and if we’ve done our job, you are smiling, and so are we. Your support is the reason why we are still here, selling the best candy on the planet, 100 years later. And for that, we thank you.

As for our Centennial celebrations, I hope you are enjoying the new monthly Limited Time Sweets as much as I am. Each time we launch, I find that I have a new favorite piece! We appreciate the rave reviews, and some, like the Chocolate Coffee Beans sold out too quickly, and we had to produce more. Peet’s Coffee and Guittard Chocolate Company were great partners for this product, and we look forward to their continued partnership in the future.

To honor Mary See’s original recipe and fan favorite, Peanut Brittle, the Almond Brittle with a Kick was a modern take on a classic. Although Mary had already perfected the original Brittle nearly 100 years ago, we were excited to spice things up a bit. We also hope you are all enjoying the new Peanut Butter Bites. These were highly anticipated and we look forward to your reaction to this piece.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and I know we are all looking forward to the Fourth of July. With vaccinations readily available, it may be the first time since the pandemic began that we are able to safely gather with friends and family. We are not only celebrating the independence and promise of our country, but also for ourselves as life is getting back to some sense of normalcy.

Finally, I would like to say that at See’s we continue to focus on our employee and customer safety as the number one priority. Regulations and requirements continue to evolve as the spread of COVID-19 has slowed, and many people are getting vaccinated. In all of our facilities we will continue to review, update and improve our protocols to maintain health and safety. We can all agree that the only constant over the last year has been change. I’m very thankful we have all navigated to this point and am looking forward to the rest of the year with all of you!

Thank you all for being such loyal customers and for your continued support.

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