Dear See’s Family,

In these uncertain times, See’s is focused on taking care of our people and being of service to our communities. We wanted to provide you an update on when we will resume operations and the work we have been doing behind the scenes to operate safely in the meantime.

True to See’s—Being a part of an organization that is nearly 100 means that a lot of good decisions were made long before you ever showed up. Smart people wrote and lived by our motto: “Quality Without Compromise”—and, we still mean it as much as ever.

And so, because we have made the decision to be cautious and honor both our employees to stay home, and government officials who directed us to only go out if necessary, this chapter in See’s history has meant that we have been closed for the longest period in our history. The closure happened during a major holiday, Easter, for you and your family. We are working hard to be safe, so we don’t have to miss another one.

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Easter Giving and Joy—Over the last few weeks, we have been able to contribute product across the West to hospitals, schools, food banks, missions and great organizations like Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald Houses and the YMCA, as well as hospital workers and first responders. In every case, we get pictures, notes, and phone calls from people who are joyful, sometimes in tears, and always thankful for what we have been able to do. Through the support of many volunteers, we have given over 100 tons of delicious, American-made candy!

While we aren’t alone in not having answers, I am pleased to say we have a better sense of where we are going. Since March, we have reconfigured how we make and sell candy. Our production floors have fewer people making and packing our candy with care. We have taken the past few weeks to review all of our operations and ensure we can work safely in all aspects of our business.

Opening, But Slowly—The majority of our shops are still closed, but we have tested opening a few with minimal hours as we retrain for safety. You will still hear a cheerful “Welcome to See’s!” but customers now pick up candy at a safe distance and see the smiling eyes of our associates over the masks we now wear. It may be different, but we are as thrilled to see you, as you are to see us.

Shortly after we send this letter, we intend to resume selling through www.sees.com. Because we only make fresh product, and we have limited supplies, we ask for your patience as we ramp back up. After not being able to support your Easter traditions, we want to be there for you for Mother’s Day, birthdays, cravings days, and every day in between. Keep an eye out for a follow-up email from us.

Back to the Start—The first See’s shop opened on Western Avenue in Los Angeles, in 1921. The very next year, we sent out our first catalog. So while home delivery is new for some, See’s has been taking and delivering orders through the US Mail since the beginning. Never one to be left behind, See’s took our first online order in 1998.

These materials aren’t just artifacts, they tell the story of a company that has always been guided by core principles. Earlier this month, I read the words of Mary See printed in one of our first catalogs in the 1920s:

You’ll find See’s Famous Candies as nearly perfect—in richness of flavor, in purity and in wholesomeness—as it is humanly possible to make them. They will delight you.
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Of all I have seen that tells our history, this paragraph is among the best in summarizing what it is like to work for a company that simply will not compromise.

We hope you and your loved ones are well, and we hope to see you in a shop later this year or to serve you through sees.com in the coming weeks.

All the best,
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